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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank God The Caps Aren't a Cave

Twitter is all a tizzy this morning anticipating the Caps morning skate. Having gone to a few myself, last Monday, there was a lot of fooling around, some good hard skating for maybe 30 minutes. However, very shortly after players were leaving the ice, Ovi was playing slip and slide on the ice, and Carlson was trying to shoot puck in the net from the opposite side of the ice. I understand they had a game the next day, but I will say I as a fan feel that "comfort" with their skating. That "comfort"Boudreau says, ends today. I understand we are in the second month of hockey however, this is becoming the norm for the Caps and what we usually expect. The Caps do really well, 7-0 and feel "pressure" and they crack. Maybe Teddy, GMGM and Bruce should have a little sit down and think about bringing in a Psychiatrist, they do it on that show...I can't remember....it's on USA. If that doesn't work, I'm for hire as well. I've taken .5 of a psychology class and I would be more than happy to listen to all of their problems to alleviate their stresses so they can get on the ice and play a clean game.  Mike Knuble was quoted saying they "played like clowns" and "losers." Someone had to say it, I agree with what Knuble said, its good to hear a player as frustrated as the fans get. However the media can take that and RUN with it, as they do with a lot of things. Two players were joking around with a friend and I at   practice and told us they were married, I looked and said, "You are lucky we aren't media." This player...then looked at me with horror and said, "You're right!"
 The game got to a point where they were talking unnecessary penalties, missing passes, missing shots and overall looking like they were playing as a pee wee team.  We've seen the Caps play beautiful hockey, and know they are capable. Lets let the kinks and clowns out now. Good luck at practice boys....you're going to need it.

on a side note @MikeKnuble22 easily went home and did this:

"I don't like clowns."


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